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February 28, 2019

Buke and Gase rack up praise, tour North America, Europe & the UK

Did you know that Buke and Gase are touring throughout March, April & May? (They'll start in the UK & Europe, then cover most major cities in North America.) Did you know they released their first new album in over five years about a month ago? (It's called Scholars.) Did you know that people. Seem. To like. It? (More media hype below.)Do people still say ICYMI? Well ICTD (in case they do) we wanted to give a sum-up of the big splash Buke and Gase's SCHOLARS album made when it was released earlier this year. First it received the second lead review in Pitchfork on the album's day of release: "The melodies are huge, unfurling as multi-colored banners in the sky. ... The production he...

September 12, 2018

Buke and Gase announce new LP, fall tour with Shellac

Buke and Gase have released three new songs and announced an autumn tour & the January 18, 2019 release date of their third album SCHOLARS. You can hear the new songs on your favorite platform at this link: or watch the videos below.DERBY - link
NO LAND - link
The duo will tour the west coast of the United States with Shellac in October — and announce a handful of autumn 2018 headline dates imminently. Ticket links & more info can be found on their Facebook page or their website. A single headline show at The Vera Project in Seattle, WA has already been announced:10/03: Seattle, WA @ The...

January 25, 2017

Buke and Gase play Los Angeles, Asia & Brooklyn residency — plot new record(s)

It's been awhile since we posted an extensive Buke and Gase update. In autumn 2015, of course, the duo of (girl) Arone Dyer and (boy) Aron Sanchez did some touring with Battles in the United States and United Kingdom. This past summer they played Eaux Claires — the Wisconsin event started, in part, by Aaron Dessner— where they were declared one of the best performances at the festival. (Consequence of Sound wrote "no act on the bill went for the weirdness without turning back quite like Buke and Gase.") Things seemed to pick up again this autumn, as the band participated in Brassland's residency at Threes Brewing — Arone popped up as a member of the indie all-star backing choir for Bon Iv...

August 29, 2014

Buke and Gase offer new song, USA, Irish & UK tour date(s)

Let's get the most fun part out of the way first: Buke and Gase have just posted their new song "Seam Esteem" to Bandcamp for free download. Grab it:

"Seam Esteem" (Free download) by Buke and Gase

"Seam Esteem" premiered on All Songs Considered. You can also stream it on their Soundcloud.

I know what you're thinking: These announcements came out of the blue. What gives? Well, hopefully you're already one of the lucky internet browsers who caught wind of the their Soundcloud postings from March to June of this year, during which the duo shared aural snapshots & snippets of recent improvs, recording experiments & works-in-process. As the band put it: "The...

February 14, 2014

Buke and Gase debut video(s), play gigs in Asia, Tenn & NY

Happy Valentine's Day! There's good reason to open with that cheerily romantic greeting: We hear some people really love them some Buke and Gase. Take this news brief as a kind of rose bouquet to you, the B&G loving audience.

But...psyche! Anyone expecting lovely smells or great new sounds will be sorely disappointed. The main sense that will be stimulated by this post is your eyes as we introduce two new viewing experiences, starting with this video for "Metazoa"—or perhaps we should call it a "video"?

The band requested the only text accompanying the premiere of said video be what follows:

Arone's dream of Jan15 with Unadulterated Tour...

July 26, 2013

Buke and Gase return to Europe/UK for tour

Buke and Gase had an eventful summer. (That's short for "event full," get it. Ha ha ha -- someone stop us before we kill again...with jokes.) Anyhoo, having spent most of June tearing it up across the 'States alongside Tomahawk (complete with a stop in the nation’s capital opening for Animal Collective), the band is now headed “across the pond” to spread the love in Europe and the United Kingdom this August. Maybe you wanted to check out one of their shows in April, but were distracted by something less interesting like a wedding or birthday party or a gig by a more popular band who you now realize are not as good as Buke and Gase.

The band has a bunch of festival dates lin...

April 9, 2013

Buke and Gase headline, open for Tomahawk and Animal Collective

Have you ever caught yourself awkwardly fist-pumping and shredding air guitar to General Dome? Don’t stop now. Alt-metal supergroup Tomahawk (featuring Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn, also of Mr. Bungle, Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard, and John Stanier of Helmet and Battles) has asked Buke and Gase to join them for a series of shows in June. And to further demonstrate the genre-spanning power of Buke and Gase’s music, the band has also been asked to open for psychedelic indie heroes Animal Collective in Washington, DC. (DC is in for quite a treat that week.)

The action actually starts a bit earlier though. There's a gig this Friday at Bryce's Mus...

January 29, 2013

New Year, New Gear, New Buke and Gase

Holidays = done. Ready to kickstart the year with renewed resolve? (And not interested in doing a Kickstarter campaign?) Well, here's an idea: how about some awesome new music from Buke & Gase? The duo's new album, "General Dome" came out in North American today, January 29th (Europe & ROW gets it February 22nd). Get some now:

BUY LPs or CDs

Note that digital downloads from Bandcamp will not be delivered until the February 22nd date!

Enough with the commerce! What is this album all about?

Inspired (in part) by a recent Sol Lewitt exhibition at the Dia Beacon museum in B...

November 5, 2012

Buke & Gase donate song proceeds to hurricane relief in Red Hook, Brooklyn

There are times where our wacky and/or witty and/or world-weary and/or just plain sarcastic viewpoint, does not do a situation justice. So first things first, we'll let Buke & Gase speak plain here:

We used to call Red Hook, Brooklyn home, a neighborhood that's been greatly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. To help support the recovery process, we are donating a song from our upcoming album. All proceeds from the purchase of this song over the next week will go directly to

We wish the best to all who have been affected by the storm, and sending gratitude to those who are helping in any way they can.

- Arone and Aron of Buke and Gase

August 9, 2012

Buke and Gase announce new EP, tour with Deerhoof

Ever since Buke and Gase's new song "Hiccup" was released to the public in May, people have been wondering when the next album would be out. Well folks, today is the day!

Well, sort of! We're not actually ready to announce the band's next album but we sure as heck are announcing the crap out of a new 4-track, digital-only EP.

It's called Function Falls and you can preview the first track "Mishaping Introduction" on their Bandcamp page. In other pre-news, you can pre-order it now from Bandcamp too. If you do so the pre-cious new material will be pre-sented to your email inbox on or before September 11th, a heavy release date for a heavy band.

You p...

April 26, 2012

Buke and Gase working on new album, curating The Stone

Like many others on our roster, Aron and Arone of Buke & Gase are getting a chance to stretch their curatorial muscles this spring. (Get it? That picture is of them stretching. Ha, well, at least we crack ourselves up.) Anyway, the Stone has asked the duo to function as curators for the first two weeks of May. If you've never heard of The Stone, it's a small, drafty, legendary and awesome music performance space on the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street, started by jazz-slash-uncategorizable musical innovator John Zorn. The building used to be a corner grocery story and the only signage guiding you to the club are the words "The Stone" in small gold lettering glued onto the door, wor...

December 2, 2011

Big ass announcement(s) from Buke and...Gase?

Your phonetic struggles are over! We know it's been hard on everyone trying to figure out the pronunciation of Buke and Gass. Is it bass like the fish, or bass the unusually funky instrument? Well, now there's no more subtly trailing off as you tell your friend about this great new band you love so much. ("Oh, you should really check out that band Buke and Guh-aa.....yeah, that one.") The band has decided to officially change their name to (insert drum roll here) Buke and Gase. Aron and Arone wrote their own explanation:

A limerick announcement addressing the mis-pronunciation of our name:

If there was one thing to replace
It would be the last S in Gass,

October 13, 2011

Buke and Gass prep international tour (including Canada)

In the next few months Buke and Gass will set off on a number journeys outside of America, including a number of gigs with an avant-garde flavor.

In October, before crossing the Atlantic, they will kick off this run of international dates with a visit to X Avant New Music Festival in Toronto. (Canada counts as international, right? Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are both foreigners.) They'll be playing right after Lori Freedman's solo improvisations for woodwinds. We told you, it's avant-garde!

On the European dates, Buke and Gass will do a few shows around Austria and France, before hitting up the Week-End Festival in Deutschland. The Week-End organizers have exc...

August 18, 2011

Catching Up With Buke & Gass

It seems like Buke & Gass have been going non-stop since we released Riposte last year. But now, with the end of summer (kind of) in sight, it's time to check in with what's been going on with them, and what's coming up fast.

First up, and something we're pretty excited about, is some news that came our way from Spin. Reggie Watts, in an interview with Spin, called Buke & Gass one of his favorite things!

Hold up a minute. That's a pretty big title. I mean, when you open up the floor to include just about everything, and you're still someone's favorite thing? Huge. Said Watts, "I was on NPR's Radiolab and they were one of the bands that were o...

June 27, 2011

Buke & Gass J-j-jam with Reggie Watts & Glenn Kotche from Wilco

A few weeks ago the very awesome radio program Radiolab presented a fun concert at New York University including a performance by our friends & your favorite new band, Buke & Gass. If you want to cut to the chase and hear the podcast, go here.

Now, the fact that the band appeared on this extremely popular NPR podcast is, weirdly enough, no big deal. They've already appeared on the show twice in the past. This time, however, host Jad "complicated last name" Abumrad also invited along drummer Glenn Kotche of Wilco, and the one-and-only Reggie Watts.

Since we've already started paraphrasing their description of the event we'll let them take it from here: "Their per...

May 23, 2011

Buke & Gass head to Europe, open for Lou Reed & show us their hands

Folks across the pond, your chance is...not now, but in the very near future! After taking part in The Netherland's Cross-Linx Festival alongside The National earlier this year, Buke and Gass are making a grand return to the European continent. This time, they're embarking on a quick headlining tour that takes them to six countries, before opening for Mr. Lou Reed for a couple shows, in London and Paris respectively. Yes, THE Lou Reed. (And no The Lou Reed is not a new band from Brooklyn, we mean the guy named Lou Reed.)

These two shows are going to be something special, so needless to say, if you're planning on going, we suggest you buy your tickets at the speed of ligh...

May 16, 2011

Doveman and Buke & Gass selected to play Celebrate Brooklyn

Summer's creeping closer. The heat! The humdity! The popsicles and sunblock! Oh yeah, also: free outdoor shows in New York City. Two of Brassland's finest are getting in on the action. Specifically at Celebrate Brooklyn, which is where we are from and well worth celebrating.

On June 17, Doveman will join Junip and The Books. On August 5, Buke & Gass will share the stage with Delicate Steve and Ra Ra Riot. And don't forget the free part! Let Brooklyn Vegan's be your information source - dates, times, lineups, and delightful summaries galore.

And to help you bide your time and count down the days to these park outings, here's a couple pieces of ear candy t...

March 22, 2011

Buke and Gass are a Rough Trade album of the month

Attention Britons, the British & members of the citizenry of the United Kingdom! For the first time ever, Rispote by Buke and Gass is available all up in there, in England specifically, and at the Rough Trade Shop more specifically.

To snag yourself a copy, head on over to their internet website, and if you are near London, you can pick one up over at their location on Tabot Road or the newer store off Brick Lane. Right now it is available as a plain ol' retail release, and in just in time for their European tour in June it will be among their "record of the month" selections.

We are super excited that Rispote is available over there, and we hope they get into your ha...

February 23, 2011

Buke & Gass & Lou & Laurie NYC love-in & a European tour

The day after Valentine's Day, Buke & Gass shared a bill with the legendary Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson at The Stone in New York City, a club originated by John Zorn. Call it a four-way-love-in, maybe? It was definitely an passionate experience for their ears! And no we're not using any gross sexual innuendos here, nor are we going to talk about what kind of love Lou Reed was into in the 1970s, so don't even think about it.

A few days after their run-in with Lou & Laurie, Buke and Gass headed to Europe for their first cross-Atlantic shows since opening a few dates for The National last May. They've just completed participating in the multi-day Cross-Linx Festival i...

February 7, 2011

Buke and Gass head out on US Tour with tUnE-yArDs this spring!

Buke and Gass have announced a US Tour with none other than avant-songstress tUnE-yArDs which heads from coast to coast this April. Seems to use like an awesome match to the heavy-hitting melodic wonderment that is Buke and Gass. Below are the dates, hop on over to their artist page and check out the details.

But first, behold some of tUnE-yArDs awesomeness:

And, if you please, read this summary of thee dates:
04-26 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
04-28 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
04-29 Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
04-30 Vancouver, British Columbia - The Biltmore Cabaret
05-02 Garden City, ID - Visual Arts Collective

January 11, 2011

Buke & Gass earned every last $5 download and fancy totebag (aka NPR love)

Did you hear that there's A GREAT DEAL of stuff happening in the world of Buke & Gass? Well, holy snapskis, there is! For one thing, public radio's affection for the band is off the charts. We talked about this a bit in December but let's do a kind of wrap-up.

Rispote was named one of NPR's 50 Favorite albums of 2010. All Songs Considered named the album one of their top albums of the year. All Things Considered profiled the band and the creation of their unique instruments. The band filmed a Tiny Desk Concert which you can stream or download and, via the wonders of technology, which you can now watch right here on this internet site. NPR's Bob Boilen pick...

December 8, 2010

Buke & Gass perform NPR Tiny Desk concert, named a fave album of 2010

Well, who would've thunk it: NPR sure has shown Buke & Gass their fair share of love this year. Whether it be including their debut in NPR Music’s “50 Favorite Albums of 2010”, an interview/performance segment on WNYC’s “Soundcheck”, a “Marketplace” music pick with Buke & Gass’ Arone Dyer, or tracks featured on “Morning Edition,” their support has run far and wide...and we love it!

Bob Boilen has been giving Radiolab some major competition for being the band's biggest supporter at NPR naming it his 4th best record of 2010 just below Brassland pals Sufjan Stevens & Jonsi -- and then bringing them up again (again!) in his All Songs Considered year-end wrap-up. I think we prob...

November 19, 2010

Buke & Gass Touring in December, More Press Love

If you still haven't caught Buke & Gass, you are in luck. The musical duo is touring throughout various parts east of the Mississippi, and even Montreal! Be advised however, their routing has changed and on December 7th they will be making a stop in Columbus, OH. To get a full view of the touring schedule, check out their artist page on the Brassland site.

With all these shows going on, the media chatter continues to pour in. Legendary rock critic Michael Azzerad tweeted: "OMFG, Buke & Gass blew me away tonight." The folks over at Pitchfork share a similar attitude: ". . . the results are positively arresting.” Arresting indeed. But all the positive energy does not stop t...

November 1, 2010

More Buke & Gass Love, More Buke & Gass Shows!

Since the release of their debut album last month “Riposte,” Buke & Gass has gained the attention of many listeners out there, some of whom are super important VIP types. What does the buzz sound like? It can all be summed up nicely with New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere Jones’s recent tweet showing some serious love: “Kinda dying to see Buke & Gass live.” But, please, there is no need for desperation! No need to die! You people are about to get the chance to catch Buke & Gass in several U.S. cities.

Starting in early December, the band will be touring (mostly) alongside fellow Brooklynites, Talk Normal throughout the Northeastern North America (and Cleveland and Chicago). Yo...

October 5, 2010

Buke & Gass take New York City, CMJ & various parts of Northern Brooklyn

Buke & Gass are hitting the road again...sort of. They're hitting lots of local toll roads, at least, doing three shows in New York City in October, with gigs booked on the 14th, 21st, and 27th. The 14th will be especially hot & intense because it is at Silent Barn; the the 21st gig at The Living Room is especially notable for falling during the CMJ festival; the 27th will be especially awesome because it is with Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors.

All this local activity follows up the copious press love that has greeted the release of Riposte. Tobias Carroll, over at Dusted, refers to their rebel style saying how the band recalls "the avant-garde, the handcrafted, the anti-autho...

September 14, 2010

Happy Release Day for Buke & Gass

The wait is officially over for Buke & Gass's debut full-length "Riposte." No more lingering pre-ordering excitement. No more media buzz in the same magazines you read concert listings in. You no longer have to buy the record directly from us. (Which makes us sad, but don't worry, we'll cope.)

"Riposte" is now available for purchase through various other sources. May we suggest Apple's iTunes or Amazon's internet website or eMusic or, perhaps, the indie rock champions at Insound

While you enjoy your new tunes, we recommend you check out some awesome multimedia experiences that give you more of the full Buke & Gass experience. If you can't be there li...

August 10, 2010

Buke & Gass Receive Press, Set Release Date, Tour in September


The latest member of the Brassland family has been out and about, playing shows, conducting interviews, and receiving press. We thought we'd compile some of the media attention for your convenience, starting with this interview at Village Voice, which provided the lowdown on "Medulla Oblongata" (it's about "the trials of miscommunication"), Aron's early instrument designs (thumb pianos, talking drums), and where to find a good lunch in Brooklyn (Calexico in Columbia Heights). TimeOut NY's piece on the band cross-referenced their sound with Dirty Projectors, Deerhoof, and Marnie Stern,...

May 27, 2010

Buke and Gass Play Gigs with The National, Put Out mp3 from Brassland Debut

Big news: Buke and Gass have made the first leak from their upcoming Brassland debut available via Bandcamp. Titled "Medulla Oblongata," the song's got a lot going on for a two-piece. Check out the stream below. (You can download it too -- which works great on your iPad or other content carrying device!)

Medulla Oblongata by Buke and Gass

In other news, Buke and Gass did some touring with The National a few weeks back opening for them at stops in both London and Berlin. The two groups then crossed the ocean and played at The National's High Violet Annex on Brassland Night. Brooklyn Vegan was present to capture it all in pictorial form. For your viewing pleasure:

April 21, 2010

Buke and Gass Media Round-Up, Shows in May

This past Tuesday, WNYC's Radiolab invited Buke and Gass on their show. In an interview and live performance from their rehearsal space out in Brooklyn, Arone and Aron reveal how their music is like "a recently retired schoolhouse janitor riding the back of a big horse that's galloping over different scenes" (or, more succinctly, "the loudest miniature fuzz"). Not to mention the performances were pretty tight. To grab the free mp3 or stream the (un-embeddable) show, click here.

In addition to WNYC, Stereogum's Quit Your Day Job had Arone and Aron explain their, well, day jobs. For those not in the know, Aron performed in and designed/built instruments for the Blue Ma...

March 25, 2010

Brassland Welcomes Buke and Gass to the Family

Remember the allusion to a new Brassland band posted earlier this week? Well, the time has come to let you in on the scoop: Brassland has signed Brooklyn-based two-piece Buke and Gass to its roster. Known for playing a wide variety of self-modified instruments (among their more prominent inventions are the "buke," a baritone ukelele, and the "gass," a guitar/bass hybrid), the band is currently finishing its Brassland debut, which will come out later this year. Look for more details to come.

In the meantime, you can catch the band this weekend in Knoxville, TN, where they will perform with The Ex at the Big Ears Festival on Friday, March 26th. After their set, the band will set...