September 14, 2010

Happy Release Day for Buke & Gass

The wait is officially over for Buke & Gass's debut full-length "Riposte." No more lingering pre-ordering excitement. No more media buzz in the same magazines you read concert listings in. You no longer have to buy the record directly from us. (Which makes us sad, but don't worry, we'll cope.)

"Riposte" is now available for purchase through various other sources. May we suggest Apple's iTunes or Amazon's internet website or eMusic or, perhaps, the indie rock champions at Insound

While you enjoy your new tunes, we recommend you check out some awesome multimedia experiences that give you more of the full Buke & Gass experience. If you can't be there live, you can always be there in spirit. Via the internet. Viva the internet!

After you're done you can even get to know the members of Buke & Gass a little bit better with this laid back chit-chat:

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