August 29, 2014

Buke and Gase offer new song, USA, Irish & UK tour date(s)

Let's get the most fun part out of the way first: Buke and Gase have just posted their new song "Seam Esteem" to Bandcamp for free download. Grab it:

"Seam Esteem" premiered on All Songs Considered. You can also stream it on their Soundcloud.

I know what you're thinking: These announcements came out of the blue. What gives? Well, hopefully you're already one of the lucky internet browsers who caught wind of the their Soundcloud postings from March to June of this year, during which the duo shared aural snapshots & snippets of recent improvs, recording experiments & works-in-process. As the band put it: "These sketches became the basis of our Soundcloud #MondayMissions project. Inspired by an article by Brad Troemel " in The New Inquiry Magazine about "athletic aesthetics”, we began posting a short track every Monday as an exercise in communicating more with our audience and involving them in the process. This required us to take a stab at our standards of Quantity-Vs-Quality on a weekly basis, and the sense of urgency to reveal something vulnerable gave us an added creative boost."

It's finally been revealed what all this (atypical-for-them) internet activity was leading up to: namely, the finished song "Seam Esteem," some chatter about a new record in-the-works and, more concretely, a 9-date tour that will take them through the northeastern quadrant of North America: Montreal to the north, Chicago to the west, Philly to south and, naturally, a Brooklyn homecoming.

And here's another more concrete thing: the entire run of #MondayMissions in the form of a single-playlist. (At least as long as they leave it live on the interwebs.)

We'll wrap up this post with a little congrats to the Bukes on their latest experiment. We've been blown away since the day we met them with their ability to balance considerable creativity and freedom with the qualities needed to spread the products of that creativity far & wide: resourcefulness, a work ethic, self-sufficiency and a general capability to get shit done. DIY has always been part of Brassland's DNA, and continues to be part of it, be it This is the Kit's relentless European touring, or Jherek Bischoff's home-recorded orchestral innovations. But Buke and Gase have embodied the idea in ways that would challenge any band in the history of music, ever.

It's been a joy to work with them, and we hope to continue doing so — which reminds us, they're also planning to take part in this crazy event we're doing in Ireland this December. You can BUY TICKETS for their first ever Dublin gig right now. More plans in the UK and Ireland to come...

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