August 18, 2011

Catching Up With Buke & Gass

It seems like Buke & Gass have been going non-stop since we released Riposte last year. But now, with the end of summer (kind of) in sight, it's time to check in with what's been going on with them, and what's coming up fast.

First up, and something we're pretty excited about, is some news that came our way from Spin. Reggie Watts, in an interview with Spin, called Buke & Gass one of his favorite things!

Hold up a minute. That's a pretty big title. I mean, when you open up the floor to include just about everything, and you're still someone's favorite thing? Huge. Said Watts, "I was on NPR's Radiolab and they were one of the bands that were on it. They just blew me away. It's this mix of prog and acoustic folk; slightly world music with an incredible vocalist. It's just two people playing modified instruments. That woman's voice is off the charts. They have very complicated melodies and beautiful rhythms. It's emotional and technical at the same time. It's quite incredible to see live."

We also bring you updates on the Buke and Gass tour, which included a free Celebrate Brooklyn show on August 5. That night they rocked out at the Prospect Park Bandshell, along with Delicate Steve and Ra Ra Riot. Thankfully, Brooklyn Vegan was there to take photos of the concert:

And lastly, Buke & Gass are looking at wrapping up their touring for a little bit. They'll be playing a hometown show at Hudson Basillica tomorrow night. After that, they'll be pouring themselves into full length album #2, hopefully to be finished later this year! So, you might not see them out and about for the next few months, but they're just as busy behind the scenes, making more of that sweet, sweet music.

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