January 11, 2011

Buke & Gass earned every last $5 download and fancy totebag (aka NPR love)

Did you hear that there's A GREAT DEAL of stuff happening in the world of Buke & Gass? Well, holy snapskis, there is! For one thing, public radio's affection for the band is off the charts. We talked about this a bit in December but let's do a kind of wrap-up.

Rispote was named one of NPR's 50 Favorite albums of 2010. All Songs Considered named the album one of their top albums of the year. All Things Considered profiled the band and the creation of their unique instruments. The band filmed a Tiny Desk Concert which you can stream or download and, via the wonders of technology, which you can now watch right here on this internet site. NPR's Bob Boilen picked the album as one of his personal favorites. And, finally, WNYC's Soundcheck recorded their own session which you can download. Actually there's been even more NPR love than that but we're going to stop right there to avoid overwhelming you and avoid the inevitable backlash.

Really we're not that worried about a backlash because some other people we admire and respect, both professionally & artistically, have been joining the party. For example, have you checked out Buke & Gass's artist page recently, and seen their upcoming shows with the likes of Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Victoire, Deerhoof and Mission of Burma. No they're not playing with all of those groups at the same time but, come to think of it, that'd be a pretty crazy supergroup, huh? Kind of like an avant-garde Polyphonic Spree. Only louder and with less harmonies, more leather and noise.

Shit we try to keep this site G-rated but sometimes things get...grrrrrrowwwl...a bit crazy!

Oh yeah what was our point here? Oh I remember, is selling a digital download of Buke & Gass's Riposte for only $5 this month. Sometimes we forget that we're supposed to be trying to sell you stuff.

Anyhoo, congratulations Bukes!

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