April 21, 2010

Buke and Gass Media Round-Up, Shows in May

This past Tuesday, WNYC's Radiolab invited Buke and Gass on their show. In an interview and live performance from their rehearsal space out in Brooklyn, Arone and Aron reveal how their music is like "a recently retired schoolhouse janitor riding the back of a big horse that's galloping over different scenes" (or, more succinctly, "the loudest miniature fuzz"). Not to mention the performances were pretty tight. To grab the free mp3 or stream the (un-embeddable) show, click here.

In addition to WNYC, Stereogum's Quit Your Day Job had Arone and Aron explain their, well, day jobs. For those not in the know, Aron performed in and designed/built instruments for the Blue Man Group; Arone worked as a bike mechanic. If you ever wondered about BMG's working process to create new sounds ("a lot of R&D and problem solving") or what makes the ideal city bike ("something you hate so much you love it"), this interview is for you. Read and learn.

The nice press anticipates Buke and Gass's road trip with The National in May. They'll be opening for the guys in London (5/5, 5/6) before moving on to Berlin (5/8, 5/9). You can catch them back in the States in mid-May - they'll be playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn on the 15th. As always, for the list of venues and links to tickets, head over to the Shows page. See you there.

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