April 26, 2012

Buke and Gase working on new album, curating The Stone

Like many others on our roster, Aron and Arone of Buke & Gase are getting a chance to stretch their curatorial muscles this spring. (Get it? That picture is of them stretching. Ha, well, at least we crack ourselves up.) Anyway, the Stone has asked the duo to function as curators for the first two weeks of May. If you've never heard of The Stone, it's a small, drafty, legendary and awesome music performance space on the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street, started by jazz-slash-uncategorizable musical innovator John Zorn. The building used to be a corner grocery story and the only signage guiding you to the club are the words "The Stone" in small gold lettering glued onto the door, words visible only after the metal security gate is rolled up a few hours before each performance.

We like this.

Also worth mentioning: You can't buy tickets in advance, but shows are only ten bucks at the door and generally things there don't sell out. Take a look at The Stone's calendar for a full schedule.

Oh yeah, the band has also been telling us they are hard at work on their next album. They sent us this video as proof.

Apparently Buke & Gase's way of making an album differs quite a bit from that of other bands.

We like that, too.

UPDATED MAY 1, 2012: Buke & Gase have decided to preview a stream of a song from their forthcoming album. Consider it a treat for May 1. Click over to Bandcamp for more info. And thank you to Pitchfork for naming it a "Best New Track."

In their write-up Pitchfork said "it's not hard to imagine a crowd marching behind singer Arone Dyer, punching the air as she calls 'hup hup!,' and echoing along with her mobilising, bodily cry, 'Oh you know you'd better…'" We think that was really sweet of them to say. Thanks.

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