November 1, 2010

More Buke & Gass Love, More Buke & Gass Shows!

Since the release of their debut album last month “Riposte,” Buke & Gass has gained the attention of many listeners out there, some of whom are super important VIP types. What does the buzz sound like? It can all be summed up nicely with New Yorker pop music critic Sasha Frere Jones’s recent tweet showing some serious love: “Kinda dying to see Buke & Gass live.” But, please, there is no need for desperation! No need to die! You people are about to get the chance to catch Buke & Gass in several U.S. cities.

Starting in early December, the band will be touring (mostly) alongside fellow Brooklynites, Talk Normal throughout the Northeastern North America (and Cleveland and Chicago). You can see the full schedule, with dates and venues, on their artist page.

In other news, last week the Village Voice premiered the band's homemade, roadtrip-themed video for the internet-themed song “Page Break.” In regards to the new vid, Arone has this to say: "Intentions are best left at the base of one’s backbone, unless heeding to impulses actually gets one somewhere, in which case, trouble might arise and one must be prepared with ones pants belted tightly." Hmmmm? Buckle up indeed. Observe their latest creation below:

Page Break from Buke & Gass on Vimeo.

Note that the band has also been garnering attention from critics and outlets besides Mr. Frere-Jones's Twitter stream (Though that alone would be impressive enough!). NPR’s "All Songs Considered" placed "Medulla Oblongata" alongside some Robert Plant tracks on its latest mix. Insound included them on their CMJ mixtape. And The New York Times has also been giving Buke & Gass some great praise. In his CMJ wrap-up, Jon Pareles complimented the duo’s "dizzying two-guitar polyrhythms." A second Times article had even more love to add: "Buke and Gass don’t preen or pose or even move much; they are conceptually organized to the bone... They’re in a line of abrupt jagged art-rock, curious and impatient, that goes from Captain Beefheart through prog-rock, the Pop Group, the Ex, Fugazi and Deerhoof."

It sounds like people are really digging it, huh? But please people, don’t be dizzy, don’t die, Buke & Gass will actually make things BETTER FOR YOU. May we suggest you start by purchasing their album.

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