November 19, 2010

Buke & Gass Touring in December, More Press Love

If you still haven't caught Buke & Gass, you are in luck. The musical duo is touring throughout various parts east of the Mississippi, and even Montreal! Be advised however, their routing has changed and on December 7th they will be making a stop in Columbus, OH. To get a full view of the touring schedule, check out their artist page on the Brassland site.

With all these shows going on, the media chatter continues to pour in. Legendary rock critic Michael Azzerad tweeted: "OMFG, Buke & Gass blew me away tonight." The folks over at Pitchfork share a similar attitude: ". . . the results are positively arresting.” Arresting indeed. But all the positive energy does not stop there. LA Weekly had this to say about the duo's sound and vibe: ". . . a piquantly pointy-headed pop played on homemade hybrid instruments, spiced with loping African polyrhythms and other odd meters. B&G’s happily lopsided ‘song’ structures are custom-designed to encourage deep-in-thought chin-stroking even on the dance floor.” I couldn't have said it better myself. And with some, like those at Time Out New York, Buke & Gass seems to conjure about something really special: "It’s this year’s most exhilarating illustration of the way proggy ambition and indie-style rawness are commingling to create a new art-rock benchmark. If Buke and Gass’s instruments are merely odd, the sounds they produce are downright magical."

With the abundance of media love over the past few months, the radio world has gotten in on the action as well. KEXP blog was especially fond of what Buke & Gass bring to the table: “Buke & Gass use odd but effective pacing and homemade instrumentation over which Arone Dyer’s more traditional vocals bring the songs back to reality to be marveled at.” In very exciting news, NPR seems to have fallen in love with the duo playing clips from their record for the last few weeks on "Morning Edition" in bumpers for various segments all week. Take a look at any one of these NPR links to see what we're talking about, it's pretty awesome: Here and here and even here!

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