May 27, 2010

Buke and Gass Play Gigs with The National, Put Out mp3 from Brassland Debut

Big news: Buke and Gass have made the first leak from their upcoming Brassland debut available via Bandcamp. Titled "Medulla Oblongata," the song's got a lot going on for a two-piece. Check out the stream below. (You can download it too -- which works great on your iPad or other content carrying device!)

<a href="">Medulla Oblongata by Buke and Gass</a>

In other news, Buke and Gass did some touring with The National a few weeks back opening for them at stops in both London and Berlin. The two groups then crossed the ocean and played at The National's High Violet Annex on Brassland Night. Brooklyn Vegan was present to capture it all in pictorial form. For your viewing pleasure:

A full house anticipates sets by Buke and Gass, Doveman, and The National.

Arone and Aron converse with that full house.

Arone bukes while Aron concentrates on his gass, thereby rocking the full house.

More news on Buke and Gass's Brassland full-length coming soon. Stay tuned.

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