May 23, 2011

Buke & Gass head to Europe, open for Lou Reed & show us their hands

Folks across the pond, your chance is...not now, but in the very near future! After taking part in The Netherland's Cross-Linx Festival alongside The National earlier this year, Buke and Gass are making a grand return to the European continent. This time, they're embarking on a quick headlining tour that takes them to six countries, before opening for Mr. Lou Reed for a couple shows, in London and Paris respectively. Yes, THE Lou Reed. (And no The Lou Reed is not a new band from Brooklyn, we mean the guy named Lou Reed.)

These two shows are going to be something special, so needless to say, if you're planning on going, we suggest you buy your tickets at the speed of light! Or at the speed of whatever it is that the internet runs on. Porn? Tweets? Justin Bieber?

What's that? You want MORE from Buke and Gass? Geez, you're so demanding. Alright, alright: their album, Riposte, will be getting a vinyl release this July. Yet another way for you to beat the heat and spin some more good stuff. Keep an eye on our webstore, Twitter account or Facebook page for a pre-order.

And as a final gift on this fine day, the band wanted to share this insightful video on their creative process.

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