October 5, 2010

Buke & Gass take New York City, CMJ & various parts of Northern Brooklyn

Buke & Gass are hitting the road again...sort of. They're hitting lots of local toll roads, at least, doing three shows in New York City in October, with gigs booked on the 14th, 21st, and 27th. The 14th will be especially hot & intense because it is at Silent Barn; the the 21st gig at The Living Room is especially notable for falling during the CMJ festival; the 27th will be especially awesome because it is with Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors.

All this local activity follows up the copious press love that has greeted the release of Riposte. Tobias Carroll, over at Dusted, refers to their rebel style saying how the band recalls "the avant-garde, the handcrafted, the anti-authoritarian." OBPmusic (which we may be capitalizing incorrectly) marveled at the ingenuity and uniqueness that Dryer and Sanchez exude in their performances: "’s great music, with telling songs... several bands achieve that, but few bring a completely new sound to the world." Ahh, newness! Apparently Buke & Gass's new album also has medicinal uses. SF Weekly says their music is "a showcase of both deft multi-tasking and distinctive songwriting that's just bizarre enough to crack the shell of your calcified mind." Sounds like a lobotomy and a car wash all in one! Awesome. Even the fashion world is getting in on it, as Vogue had this to say: "The result of all this multitasking and DIY craftsmanship is a primitive sound reminiscent of Tom Waits, which, despite its huge presence, is still being produced by just the two of them." Want some more? Check out reviews from the bloggers at Gimme Noise or the folks at Panic Manual

UPDATE: Silent Barn show canceled because it's punk rock like that.

UPDATE #2: ...and we announced a bunch of other dates in several not-NYC places including Cambridge, Washington DC, Philly, Chicago, Montreal & Toronto! Most gigs with Talk Normal.

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