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July 9, 2017

Baby Dayliner returns!

Ten years after "quitting" the music business, the literate, electronic pop artist Baby Dayliner is back. (Aka Ethan Marunas...or Babbs if you're being casual about it.) If you've been paying attention to the internet these past few weeks you've probably noticed. Most prominently king-making NYC scene blog BrooklynVegan debuted his new EP in full this past Friday. Before reading any more of the hype, though, may we encourage you to just listen to the music for yourself...(Hopefully you'll get so caught up in the tunes you won't even bother reading the rest of this.)...but if you insist, we'll be happy to oblige with *MORE*. The centerpiece of the release is the title track of...

May 14, 2009

Baby Dayliner Returns With MP3, Heavy Airplay on KEXP

The Tenth Sexiest Everyday Man of 2008 has returned for some 2009 sexiness. This week, Baby Dayliner surfaced on KEXP 90.3 with his new song "You Push, I'll Go." The very dance-able, very catchy track has everything we've come to expect from Baby D - detailed lyrics, layered rhythms, and a matter-of-fact-but-still-smooth croon. (For curious listeners, the song's available for download here. To stream, click the blue triangle.)

For those in the NYC area, Baby Dayliner is also DJ'ing as a guest tonight on KEXP's To The Five Boroughs, hosted by John Richards. The show begins 8:00 pm, so tune in.

This recent increase in activity marks the beginnings...

November 21, 2008

Baby Dayliner Named One of Ten Sexiest Everyday Men of 2008

Baby Dayliner was recently named The Tenth Sexiest Everyday Man of 2008 by Jezebel, a pop culture extension of the Gawker empire that handles "celebrity, sex, [and] fashion for women." Placed on the list behind Obama (understandable), Rahm Emanuel (questionable), and the Mac guy (wtf?), Baby D comes off looking like the suave man we know he is - praised for his resemblance to Kevin Bacon and his musical talent, Baby Dayliner "[puts] on a command performance with his clothes on." With them on!

If the man's got you all hot and bothered, be sure to check out High Heart & Low Estate and Critics Pass Away, which we feel is an undiscovered gem in the Brassland catalog. Both are a...

May 23, 2008

Baby Dayliner Now Playing With Live Band

After a quiet winter and spring, Baby Dayliner has surfaced in time for summer, playing the Found Sound Launch Party last night at Brooklyn's Southpaw. As fans present at the gig might have noticed, however, Baby Dayliner left his suitcase of gear at home to play backed by a full, live band. Many thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for breaking the news while praising Baby D's "one of a kind" style.

Look out for more Baby Dayliner shows this summer (including one at the Mercury Lounge on June 21st) and be sure to check back here for upcoming BD news.

May 14, 2008

Brassland Does East Village Radio

As of late, Brassland has been all over the airwaves (or rather, on internet-based radio, but whatever). East Village Radio, a "forum for the musical and cultural melting pot of New York City's East Village," recently welcomed Brassland co-founder Alec Hanley Bemis as a guest DJ for a Friday afternoon slot on Infinite Eargasm. If you're interested in discovering more about Alec's personal taste in music, you can download the show and/or stream it below.

In addition, Sam Amidon appeared on EVR backed by latest Brassland addition Nico Muhly as well as Mothertongue producer Valgeir Sigurõssen. You can both watch and listen to their performance of "Little Johnny Brown"...

February 27, 2008

Brassland Site Up, Running, and Looking Good

Greetings, Brasslanders! We know things have been quiet here on our end for a little too long, but after months of working with our webmasters and internet gurus designing the site and uploading the (quite) extensive amount of information accumulated over the past seven years, we've finally managed to get things going. While we're still putting a few finishing touches on the site, we're beginning to get caught up and thank you for your patience.

So as things begin to come together, take a look around, enjoy the videos and photos, and be sure to sign up on the mailing list. Take care and stay tuned for more news to come...

June 18, 2007

Baby Dayliner Brings the Party

At the end of this month Crackers United and KEXP present Friction, "a DIY monthly concert series highlighting New York City's most up-and-coming bands along with the hottest buzzed about touring acts and DJs." Deep breath. This one has Baby Dayliner headlining a showcase of electro-pop bands Tigercity, Zigimat, and Freer.

Get ready to dance.

October 18, 2006

Brassland at CMJ

For the first time in Brassland label history, we're having a particularly active CMJ. Four bands will be playing the festival, many of them multiple times. See our tour page for detailed set times, websites, etc. You can also refer to thsi quick'n'easy cheatsheet.

- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - Pianos (CMJ party)

- We 11/1 - Brooklyn, NY - Sound Fix (afternoon in-store)
- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - White Rabbit (3pm set time)
- Fr 11/3 - NYC, NY - R&R (10:15pm set time)

- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - Pianos (CMJ party)
- Sa 11/4 - NYC, NY - Rockwood Music Hall (8pm set time)

- Th 11/2 - NYC,...

September 4, 2006

Baby Dayliner and The National on Tour

Recently, The National (aka the franchise) invited Baby Dayliner and Mobius Band on tour for a series of October west coast dates. That's how Baby Dayliner & Mobius Band came together to join forces for a cross-country trip of their own. Both artists are forward-thinking New Yorkers with a strong undercurrent of electronic, rock and dance music in their sound. Click here for tour dates.

This will be Baby Dayliner's first nationwide tour after years of building a fanatic NYC following and a series of select engagements in Los Angeles, Paris, and London. If you want to know what not to expect check out this bizarre (by which we mean rad) live version of his unreleased concert...

July 17, 2006

New European Deals For Baby Dayliner, Devastations, and Pela

You may already know that several of our releases by Clogs and The National have been licensed to the French label Talitres. Well, Brassland is proud to announce several new deals enabling our artists to release their records in Europe.

On July 28th, Germany's Stagnation Records will issue Pela's All in Time EP. In late summer/early fall, the same label will put out Baby Dayliner's Critics Pass Away. These are Stagnation's debut releases, and these editions will be available in the G/A/S territories (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

In late summer/early fall, our friends at England's Beggars Banquet label will release Devastations' Coal. This edition wi...

June 12, 2006

Free Stuff From Insound

Did you know Brassland is totally MySpace friends with Insound, the industry leading online record store for "good music"? Well, it's so true. They have chosen Brassland as their first ever "feature label."

Insound is also offering a generous 15% discount on the entire Brassland back catalog throughout June. Get our discs extra cheap by clicking here.

Now the free part: As further enticement to buy our stuff, Insound is hosting a short written history of Brassland and a nine-song Brassland radio player to serves as an introduction to the label. They also gave away 1000 copies of our first label sampler to customers placing orders at the site. Unfortunately they ran out...

May 22, 2006

Baby Dayliner at Insound, on Amazon and YouTube

"Hello, this is Baby Dayliner. Please leave a message." Say what? Here's what: is currently running a contest connected to the release of Critics Pass Away. If you purchase a copy through the site you will be entered to be one of three customers to win a customized answering machine message from the man himself. Click here for details.

That's not the only dot-com joining the Baby Dayliner revolution. BD has also contributed a list of "Music You Should Hear" to Read this list of his influences and infatuations from The Smiths to Daft Punk, the Magnetic Fields to My Bloody Valentine, Ol' Dirty Bastard to an old collection of rockabilly obscurities....

April 17, 2006

Update on Baby Dayliner's Critics Pass Away

It's two weeks from the release of Baby Dayliner's Critics Pass Away and critics are already saying "No other record this year has hit us this hard or this strong. In fact, we dig it so much we're convinced there doesn't exist a stereo, iPod, or dance club playlist that can say no to this savvy hybrid of pop, new wave, and soul."

We invite you to head to our media page to listen to "At Least" from BD's new album, and check out the media love from Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Limb, and Entertainment Weekly. We'd especially like to thank EW's publisher, Time Warner, for all their support over the years. What would we do without their Roadrunner cable modem se...

April 3, 2006

Baby Dayliner Buzz Brewing

We're over a month away from the release of Baby Dayliner's sophomore album, Critics Pass Away, yet the buzz has already begun. Of course our old friends at Music.For-Robots dig it, but so do some new friends over at XLR8R Magazine. Quoth DJ Mike Relm: "Baby Dayliner's got that classic delivery that is going to carry this song to the top of a lot of best-of-2006 lists. 'Whodunit' has all the ingredients for a dancefloor staple. The disco-soul-inspired rhythm drives the song, and Dayliner's just got that way of making you want to sing along with him-at the top of your lungs. I'm not leaving home without this song."

Yeah, the bloggers like it

March 20, 2006

SXSW Sampler Information

Welcome to those of you coming to Brassland for the first time after picking up our sampler at SXSW. It's pictured to the right. Also, thanks to Insound and Iheartcomix for letting us be part of your gift bags. Wanna know about the identity of sampler's mystery bonus tracks? Well blamm, there you go. We plan to make these samplers more widely available in months to come. Watch this space for details.

March 20, 2006

Baby Dayliner's Critics Pass Away Soon to Live

Baby Dayliner's Critics Pass Away will be released this May, and he's announced a trio of Los Angeles shows in late-March to get the party started.

February 2, 2006

Baby Dayliner and Devastations New Releases

Barring unforeseen delays and complications, we will release Baby Dayliner's sophomore album, Critics Pass Away at the end of April. (Cover pictured at left.) In May we will drop the self-titled debut by our latest signing, Australia's

December 15, 2005

Insound Holiday Bash

Two Brassland artists - Baby Dayliner and Pela - were honored to play Insound's holiday party earlier this week. Baby D's set mostly featured songs from his upcoming album,

November 12, 2005


The demo pile grows taller and more intimidating as public awareness of the Brassland label spreads. For that reason, we have just posted a new, expanded version of our[LINK TO COME] demo policy. Please give it a look if you want to send us your music.

August 31, 2005

Baby Dayliner: Finishing Critics, Reaching Critics, Gigging

Baby Dayliner is putting the finishing touches on his sophomore release,

March 4, 2005

Brassland Hits the Road (Again), Parties at SxSW

Both Erik Friedlander and The National are touring the US in March. The National will play ten shows in the Midwest and South, including three gigs during Austin's SXSW festival. Erik Friedlander will do a west coast tour with his quartet Topaz, and has also announced a schedule that will extend into May, including four performances in Victoria, BC and a trio of gigs at John Zorn's new space The Stone. Check out our tour page for details.

Meanwhile, Brassland is throwing its first ever SXSW party on Friday, March 18th 2-8pm at Ruta Maya, 3601 South Congress Ave. Here is [LINK TO COME]the flyer. The sponsor list is long and bizzy, but includes our friends at French Kiss Recor...

February 15, 2005

Brassland at SXSW

Both The National and Erik Friedlander will endure Austin, Texas's sweatlodge-like climate so they can play everybody's favorite music festival and eat some kickass BBQ. Yeah, that's right March 16-20 we're going to

August 13, 2004

Baby Dayliner

Baby Dayliner is hard at work on his sophomore album. He continues to gig regularly in NYC, and is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and divorce proceedings worldwide.

July 19, 2004

Baby Dayliner and Erik Friedlander News

Baby Dayliner continues to gig in New York. He is laying plans for some national touring as he is laying down tracks for a new album to be released in early 2005. Erik Friedlander is resting up after two solo tours, one on the east coast and midwest, and one down the west coast. He is hoping to schedule some more dates for parts of the country he didn't visit this time out.

May 24, 2004

The National, Erik Friedlander, Clogs, Baby Dayliner Tour

Three days ago, The National left for their fourth tour of Europe in the past 18 months. After that they'll rest awhile. Erik Friedlander is gearing up for a West Coast tour in June. Please attend. Clogs continue to plan some national dates for this fall, when composer and strings player Padma Newsome returns from Australia. Baby Dayliner continues to gig regularly in Manhattan, as he lays plans for some national touring. We also want you to know that recently, while DJing for his friend Chase Phoenix, Baby Dayliner had cause to open for Busta Rhymes and the Jurassic 5 at college shows in Poughkeepsie, NY and Providence, RI. It was surreal.

May 24, 2004

Brassland Opens New Office

Glenn is celebrating the grand opening of a new Brassland office near the Dessner compound in Ditmas Park. Rejoice! (One day we must tell you about Ditmas, a great place if you're looking for Victorian Mansions, used tires, or fried chicken.)

April 23, 2004

Brassland Puts Out New Records

This summer Brassland will release a 30-minute EP by The National, called Cherry Tree. It contains five new songs by the band; a duet between lead singer Matt Berninger & Clogs' Padma Newsome; and a live performance of "Murder Me Rachael" from Bernard Lenoir's Black Session on France Inter Radio. Visit the band's site for more details. While we're at it, let us pass along thanks to The Walkmen, Pernice Brothers, and 16 Horsepower. The National's recent opening slots with these bands found them playing to their biggest US crowds to date.

Late summer or early fall we will release Clogs' Stick Music, a tour-de-force concept album by Padma Newsom...

April 23, 2004

Erik Friedlander Receives A Little Hype, BD Planning On Some

Erik Friedlander's Maldoror continues to collect acclaim. We've recently become aware of this piece which aired on KCRW in the wake of his SXSW apperance. They noted that a "lone man and his electric cello on an outdoor stage, in the middle of sonic mayhem...stopped traffic with his single, solitary bow."

Baby Dayliner's UK promotional tour was a big success. We expect reviews of his debut, High Heart & Low Estate, to start appearing "everywhere" in May, in both the US and Europe. UNCUT will feature him in their "Almost Famous" section in June.

April 23, 2004

New Tours: Friedlander, The National, Baby Dayliner

Three of our artists have announced new 2004 tour dates. Erik Friedlander has finished routing a June west coast tour. The National will be doing a month long European tour in May-June, along with four opening dates for Longwave in the Northeastern United States. Clogs have begun booking dates for autumn tours in the US and Europe. Baby Dayliner is opening for El Vez in early May, though we expect he'll have many more dates to come.

March 29, 2004

BD on XFM, Maldoror and The Mountain Goats

We've just learned that Baby Dayliner has been invited by John Kennedy to do a session on X-Posure, XFM's prestigious "you've heard it here first" program. It will be broadcast around 10:30pm London time on Wednesday March, 31st. Listen to the webcast here.

Thanks also to John Darnielle (aka The Mountain Goats) for posting this nice review of Erik Friedlander's Maldoror on his webzine Last Plane to Jakarta.

Thank you, John & John. Web surfers, we promise not to keep bludgeoning you with all our good news.