April 23, 2004

Brassland Puts Out New Records

This summer Brassland will release a 30-minute EP by The National, called Cherry Tree. It contains five new songs by the band; a duet between lead singer Matt Berninger & Clogs' Padma Newsome; and a live performance of "Murder Me Rachael" from Bernard Lenoir's Black Session on France Inter Radio. Visit the band's site for more details. While we're at it, let us pass along thanks to The Walkmen, Pernice Brothers, and 16 Horsepower. The National's recent opening slots with these bands found them playing to their biggest US crowds to date.

Late summer or early fall we will release Clogs' Stick Music, a tour-de-force concept album by Padma Newsome that is, simply stated, a deep exploration of strings. They are bowed, struck, plucked, and treated as never before. Erik Friedlander guests on this album.

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