February 2, 2006

Baby Dayliner and Devastations New Releases

Barring unforeseen delays and complications, we will release Baby Dayliner's sophomore album, Critics Pass Away at the end of April. (Cover pictured at left.) In May we will drop the self-titled debut by our latest signing, Australia's Devastations.

Both groups write sophisticated, self-aware songs about mature themes. To talk about it involves killing the magic, but think of Baby Dayliner as representing the Tom Jones/Daft Punk/party-on-and-charm-the-ladies contingent. Devastations are more of a classic songwriting/moody/rock(ish) thing. Their music is just the sort of thing to keep romance alive in warm climates, when all you want to do is take a siesta.

Watch our media page for preview MP3s. For now, though, you should visit the bands' MySpace pages. Here for Devastations. Here for Baby Dayliner.

Please, be their friends.

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