June 12, 2006

Free Stuff From Insound

Did you know Brassland is totally MySpace friends with Insound, the industry leading online record store for "good music"? Well, it's so true. They have chosen Brassland as their first ever "feature label."

Insound is also offering a generous 15% discount on the entire Brassland back catalog throughout June. Get our discs extra cheap by clicking here.

Now the free part: As further enticement to buy our stuff, Insound is hosting a short written history of Brassland and a nine-song Brassland radio player to serves as an introduction to the label. They also gave away 1000 copies of our first label sampler to customers placing orders at the site. Unfortunately they ran out before we had a chance to tell you. Between friends, plans are now afoot to re-press the damn thing and do it again. Keep an eye on this space for details.

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