November 21, 2008

Baby Dayliner Named One of Ten Sexiest Everyday Men of 2008

Baby Dayliner was recently named The Tenth Sexiest Everyday Man of 2008 by Jezebel, a pop culture extension of the Gawker empire that handles "celebrity, sex, [and] fashion for women." Placed on the list behind Obama (understandable), Rahm Emanuel (questionable), and the Mac guy (wtf?), Baby D comes off looking like the suave man we know he is - praised for his resemblance to Kevin Bacon and his musical talent, Baby Dayliner "[puts] on a command performance with his clothes on." With them on!

If the man's got you all hot and bothered, be sure to check out High Heart & Low Estate and Critics Pass Away, which we feel is an undiscovered gem in the Brassland catalog. Both are available for purchase (with free shipping for orders in the United States) on the Brassland Webstore.

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