October 18, 2006

Brassland at CMJ

For the first time in Brassland label history, we're having a particularly active CMJ. Four bands will be playing the festival, many of them multiple times. See our tour page for detailed set times, websites, etc. You can also refer to thsi quick'n'easy cheatsheet.

- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - Pianos (CMJ party)

- We 11/1 - Brooklyn, NY - Sound Fix (afternoon in-store)
- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - White Rabbit (3pm set time)
- Fr 11/3 - NYC, NY - R&R (10:15pm set time)

- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - Pianos (CMJ party)
- Sa 11/4 - NYC, NY - Rockwood Music Hall (8pm set time)

- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - White Rabbit (2:15pm set time)
- Th 11/2 - NYC, NY - TBA (Amp'd Mobile party)
- Fr 11/3 - NYC, NY - Sin-E

The Thursday, November 1 gig at Pianos is an extension of Baby Dayliner's regular weekly residency at the club. Baby Dayliner will perform a live set and a DJ set until 4am. Erik Friedlander plans to knock out some cello jams at some point. And we're hoping our new Australian friends, Devastations, make an appearance and show us how to wrestle a crocodile or something. (If they don't kill us for making that joke.)

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