June 3, 2013

People Get Ready debut video for "Zelda Maria," plays with The National

If you’ve seen People Get Ready live, you know it's a band who takes their visuals seriously. They've already received significant attention for their performance-based live shows that are pleasing to both the ear and the eye. To continue this watch-while-you-listen spirit, the band just debuted their new “Zelda Maria” dance/music video on Stereogum.

That's a "dance"-slash-"music" video not a "dance music" video we'll have you know. (Although, yes, their tunes would work pretty well as the soundtrack for your next indie dance party.) The "music" part of this equation is "Zelda Maria," the second single released from PGR's debut album. The tune is the focus of the new Zelda Maria EP, a release intended as a look inside the band's process, and filled out with demos, remixes and a previously unreleased instrumental.

And what about the "dance" part? Well, People Get Ready got their pal, the prominent contemporary choreographer Tere O’Connor to create a series of movements, and then band founder Steven Reker worked with video artist Ty Flowers to edit the footage, dialing up the trippy-ness of the viewing experience. Check it out here:

The internet has taken notice of these virtual activities. NPR Music debuted this sweet ass video of their New York Live Arts performance from the fall. And soon after the release of the new EP, came their Daytrotter session (which includes the live version of an unreleased song); a mixtape which Steven made for WXQR's Q2 Music of his favorite post-classical-ish jams; and some other websites of note blogging about all the activity.

Time to catch up with your listening to internet content! You can start here with the mixtape:

Not content with showing off on the internet -- no pun intended -- People Get Ready's real world activities continue apace. After wrapping up a tour of the midwest opening for Deerhoof, the band made a lasting impression at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Crossing Brooklyn Ferry festival (curated by the Brassland's co-founders Aaron and Bryce Dessner). And they’ll be opening a few shows for The National this month, as well as playing a FREE gig in Brooklyn's Prospect Part alongside Chairlift and Bear in Heaven.

Jun 4th - Providence , RI @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (w/ The National)
Jun 8th - Richmond, VA @ The National (w/ The National)
June 22nd - Brooklyn, NY @ TropFest @ Prospect Park - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Chairlift & Bear in Heaven)

Well, okay they're getting paid for the Prospect Park gig, but it is free for attendees. So you have no excuse not to show up. Unless you have some PGR blog related content to catch-up on at home.

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