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February 8, 2015

Steven Reker of People Get Ready wins award, debuts at Lincoln Center

Things may have seemed quiet on the People Get Ready front since the summer release of their sophomore album Physiques but rest assured respect, accolades and affection continue to accrue for the members of this uncategorizable indie/performance quartet.

That accrual has been most pronounced in the case of main man Steven Reker. First Lincoln Center selected him to debut a new piece of work at their prestigious American Songbook
series. (The date is February 27th for those who like keeping your calendars up-to-date.) And just this morning The New York Times announced that Steven has been awarded American Dance Institute (ADI)'s Solange MacArthur Award for New Choreography....

April 23, 2014

People Get Ready announce new album, NYC gigs

When is a band more than a band? People Get Ready has inspired that question since their self-titled debut was released a year and a half ago. The shows in support of the record blew many people away, and took place everywhere from DIY clubs around Brooklyn, to a cross-country opening slot for Deerhoof, to "high art" performance spaces like BAM, LA's Skirball Center and Duke University. The group frequently adds auxiliary performers and homemade instruments (i.e. a "circumstantial guitar" strapped to its wearer's back and dragged on the ground by its headstock), but sometimes they simply attack their songs as a ferocious (in a joyful way!) four-piece. NPR’s Bob Boilen has ranked thei...

October 23, 2013

People Get Ready tour, work on LP #2 with Deerhoof's Greg Saunier

While you may be staring into the last dregs of 2013 and trying to distract yourself from impending seasonal depression, other people are looking forward to an amazing 2014. What kind of people you ask... Wait, before we get to that: Are you okay? We mean, really, what's wrong with you? Oh, wait a sec, our therapist recently reminded us not to judge. We apologize for being so snappy. And let us get around to a few announcements that might just lift your spirits. For starters: People Get Ready (those people!) have just announced a bunch of new tour dates including their first ever appearances in the southeast and on the west coast of the USA. And yes, this band could be your life, or chan...

June 3, 2013

People Get Ready debut video for "Zelda Maria," plays with The National

If you’ve seen People Get Ready live, you know it's a band who takes their visuals seriously. They've already received significant attention for their performance-based live shows that are pleasing to both the ear and the eye. To continue this watch-while-you-listen spirit, the band just debuted their new “Zelda Maria” dance/music video on Stereogum.

That's a "dance"-slash-"music" video not a "dance music" video we'll have you know. (Although, yes, their tunes would work pretty well as the soundtrack for your next indie dance party.) The "music" part of this equation is "Zelda Maria," the second single released from PGR's debut album. The tune is the focus of th...

February 1, 2013

People, get ready to see People Get Ready

Bob Boilen of NPR saw 462 shows last year. (That's not a typo. He's just ambitious.) Anyway, Mr. Bob made a list of his favorite 243 performances of 2012 and he put People Get Ready at number one.

Like, whoa! Anyway this isn't just a numbers game. They did not get a 10.0 or a 7.5 or an 8.9. (Damn that Romanian judge!) Nope he wrote about them, and here's what he said:

No single show took my breath away the way this one did — part rock concert, part performance art, part dance, all perfectly melded together. Having seen so many dudes with guitars during the CMJ Music Marathon, it was incredibly refreshing to find a group challenging and changing the norm. It...

September 21, 2012

October is People Get Ready month

Many of you probably just think of October as "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month," but we at Brassland will humbly submit you should update your calender to reflect that it is also "Adopt People Get Ready Month." If you aren't familiar with People Get Ready, rest assured close followers of Brassland (i.e. you) will soon be inundated with their infectious melodies, relentless high-energy rhythms and genre-bending live performances by the end of said month. With a number of releases, premieres and parties slated to take place, you people should get ready to start autumn by riding the groundswell of PGR output and activities.

For those of you who want to get an early start of things, the...