April 23, 2014

People Get Ready announce new album, NYC gigs

When is a band more than a band? People Get Ready has inspired that question since their self-titled debut was released a year and a half ago. The shows in support of the record blew many people away, and took place everywhere from DIY clubs around Brooklyn, to a cross-country opening slot for Deerhoof, to "high art" performance spaces like BAM, LA's Skirball Center and Duke University. The group frequently adds auxiliary performers and homemade instruments (i.e. a "circumstantial guitar" strapped to its wearer's back and dragged on the ground by its headstock), but sometimes they simply attack their songs as a ferocious (in a joyful way!) four-piece. NPR’s Bob Boilen has ranked their performances among his top concerts of the year two years running now, including a nod as his single favorite gig of 2012. Bob's a fellow who sees literally hundreds of gigs a year. Big deal, huh?

We think of it in simpler terms. People Get Ready are like that kid in high school who was weirdly good at everything: their club gigs are hot sweaty dance parties; their "performance" pieces combine movement & music in ways that defy audience expectations for both rock & dance audiences; and, oh yeah, their songs are also catchy as hell. To use a sports metaphor, this band is a "triple-threat." Not that we've seen them play touch football or anything. I think they prefer just hanging out at the beach.

And, now People Get Ready are getting…ready to... Erm, well, just listen here:

Now let's try that again: We're proud to announce the band's sophomore full-length Physiques will be released on June 24. Produced by Brooklyn friend and recent tour mate Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, the album began as a collection of deliberately incomplete sketches developed over three months of improvisation, revision and accidental magic. To set the scene, the three months of tracking took place at the Clocktower Gallery in downtown Manhattan, a legendary "alternative art" space which has (sadly) just been shuttered for renovation into condos. (To answer your question: No, neither People Get Ready nor any Brassland employees gets first divs on one of the condos. New York real estate is an experience in tough love.)

Anyway, check out the Physiques track list below.

1. Rainbow
2. Physiques
3. Crueller
4. Aquarium Date
5. Jealousy
6. Sooooooooon
7. Hot Fruit
8. You Should Have Seen Our Face
9. Blockbusterer
10. Bees

PRE-ORDER the record right now:
- Bandcamp
- CD + t-shirts

A hallmark of the People Get Ready experience, of course, is that live show. No matter the setting, their gigs are never less than a sweaty, kinetic party. With so much hype surrounding People Get Ready’s performances, it would be a bit of tease not to announce some New York shows.

- April 29: Brooklyn, NY: Union Pool (w/ Jolie Holland)
- June 19: New York, NY: North End Way (River to River block party)
- June 24: Brooklyn, NY: Rough Trade NYC (record release show)

Keep your ears peeled for new news...

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