June 20, 2005

Pela Garnering Exposure, Touring with National

First off hello to Entertainment Weekly readers that have ended up here looking for Pela's exclusive "Download This" track.

As an additional gift from us, here is a photo Pela's guitarist, Nate Martinez (with rock face) and The National's drummer, Bryan Devendorf (in towel), in front of a European castle.

The good news does not end there. Pela's debut EP, All in Time, was released last month, and the great reviews have started to come in. writes "The latest from the consistently excellent Brassland label is All in Time, the debut EP by Brooklyn, N.Y., band Pela. I get a really good feeling about this band - long on skills and passion, short on posturing, and with songs full of stealth hooks which...reveal their majesty on repeated listens."

Our thoughts exactly.

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