January 1, 2004

Friedlander Unveils Maldoror

Maldoror has been making serious waves at press. The Wire ran a full page feature in their November issue, and the record made it into their 2003 writer's poll as a "best of" in the Modern Composition catagory. calls it "an album of stark beauty and haunting poignancy," while was even more gushing. "His approach is avant-garde to be sure, but far from atonal... For all its intensity, Maldoror is nearly shockingly accessible, even with its far-flung and dramatic sense of dynamics. This is an album created to be listened to as one work, the individual selections all contribute to a haunting, hunted whole...this is a brilliantly conceived and executed recording, alluringly musical, and decadently humorous in places. As Friedlander's latest chapter, it is also his finest." You might want to check it out, huh? Because of all the interest, Erik is planning a series of tour dates in the US and Europe starting this April.

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