The Perennials ~ The Perennials

The Perennials

Released on October 27, 2016

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  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Miss Marionette
  3. Jonah
  4. Dirt
  5. When The World Got Old


The Perennials are the young married couple of Pete & Amanda Wells. Like most bands from Brooklyn, they met at a bible school in the Italian countryside. But more on that in their bio.

Brooklyn Vegan premiered the band’s debut single “Breadcrumbs” in May of this year praising their “delicate, harmony-driven indie rock.” Popular indie playlist site Indie Shuffle was the first to note the craftsmanship that went into their songwriting and recordings, calling it a… "heavy yet beautifully polished package. Gliding on restless piano and rich vocal melodies, [it] can soundtrack both private moments of reflection and shared moments of bliss — it's versatile, emotional, and overall just a terrifically full sound."

And of course there is the power of voice. With the release of The Perennials second single “Miss Marionette” the Dutch website Gobsmag winkingly noted it was a bit like “The National on a Johnny Cash tribute,” noting echoes of earlier, classic male baritones.

However, the most credit for The Perennials “fleet-footed and ultimately cathartic” ( sound & vibe is due to the creative community that surrounds them. That community includes Instagram-famous nature photographer Cory Crawford (@coryacrawford), a friend from their Pacific Northwest days whose evocative ‘moving photographs’ have provided footage for videos of the Perennials first two singles. As well, the producer of their EP Thomas “Doveman” Bartlett who has taken a break from his work with a who’s who of indie rock (Father John Misty, The National, Glen Hansard, Sufjan Stevens, Antony & the Johnsons) to help develop the duo’s music.

The Perennials self-titled debut is released on Friday October 28th.