The Perennials ~ "Miss Marionette" single

"Miss Marionette" single

Released on August 15, 2016

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The Perennials are led by the young married couple Pete & Amanda Wells. Now based in Brooklyn, they met at a bible school in the Italian countryside and were married by the time they were 20 years old. Both are children of the 90s—growing up at time when Bob Dylan & Paul Simon & Johnny Cash were canonical, part of ancient history—yet Amanda & Pete have a sensibility shot through with those artists' eerily classic sense of tradition. This duo may still be working through the confusions of being twentysomething, but we all benefit from hearing them do so via their own amazingly well-crafted songs. More about the band’s background here:

Brooklyn Vegan premiered The Perennials debut single “Breadcrumbs” in May of this year. Popular indie playlist site Indie Shuffle complimented them for having a “versatile, emotional, and overall just a terrifically full sound”— and The Deli Magazine called them “intense" and reminiscent of The National. They return with their second single & video for “Miss Marionette” a dark ballad set against footage by “Instagram Famous” nature photographer Cory Crawford, a friend of the band from their days living in the Pacific Northwest.

Miss Marionette
You sing like a wind chime
Gently hung by the window
and you swing like a stray kite
pushed whenever the wind blows
Always provoked by the weather
you and your delicate temper
a slave to wherever you’re tethered
your mother thought you better

Hey Miss Marionette
don’t lose your head just yet
hey miss marionette
don’t lose your head

you fall like an angel
and you break like an antique doll
so elegant and so graceful
you shatter like glass
and resound through the hall
pretty to look at but hard to enjoy
sit on the shelf like a decorative toy
strung up like a puppet and tied to the stage
you twist and you spin
like an old weathervane

Hey Miss Marionette
don’t lose your head just yet
Hey Miss Marionette
Don’t lose your head