Buke and Gase ~ Buke and Gase + Rahrah Gabor

Buke and Gase + Rahrah Gabor

Released on February 11, 2022

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Featured Collaborators

Rahrah Gabor

Rahrah Gabor

Rahrah Gabor


  1. Eggs N Tea
  2. Taste Up
  3. Snake Bit
  4. Pass Impasse
  5. Pons
  6. Taste Up (redux)


"an appealing mix of Buke And Gase’s idiosyncratic pop sensibility and Rahrah Gabor’s rhymes" — Stereogum

"While almost grindcore-like in their shortness, each of the six cuts on the EP is a magical portal leading to its own upside-down world. And behind the doors awaits Technicolor frenzy!" — The Quietus

"8/10 review: Buke and Gase + Rahrah Gabor is a snappy, cocky, and witty collaboration” — The Line of Best Fit

QUESTION: How would you describe this record to someone who isn’t familiar with your work?

ARONE DYER (her): This EP with Rahrah Gabor is an experimental collaboration between 3 individual creators, like a Tinder thruple date that goes well enough to consider having dinner and asking about each other’s middle names.

RAHRAH GABOR (her): It gets playful, a little dark, sexy, and anthemic at times.

ARON SANCHEZ (him): We wanted to do something with Lala, so this is it.

RAHRAH GABOR (her): Basically, I’m advising people on how to step up their taste!

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If one scours the chasms between the reverence for ‘90s revivalist hip-hop and the silvery futurists of the genre, there they may find a bridge: Rahrah Gabor (she/her). That's the moniker of former school teacher, Mariella "Lala" Jimenez. She has cherry-topped New York and New Jersey nightlight on the strength of her critical presence, pointed lyricism and unique sense of style and self-possession. Earning early support at the likes of AFROPUNK with slots at Slay TV's inaugural SlayFest and the DICE Festival in Berlin, Rahrah Gabor, who is self-described as “hip hop's Omar Little. Only prettier,” will admit that she first dove into hip-hop to prove a point: that cisgender people do not have a monopoly on the genre. Rahrah Gabor would like to become the kind of challenge and increasingly challenged industry will not be able to ignore. Some will say it’s because she’s a Black trans woman. Others will say it’s because she’s better at this than you.

First single, "Taste Up" was pulled from Buke and Gase's ever-expanding archive of unreleased tracks and given to Rahrah Gabor to work over.