Pela ~ All in Time EP

All in Time EP

Released on May 16, 2005
CD, Digital

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Featured Collaborators

Bryan Devendorf

Bryan Devendorf

Bryan Devendorf


  1. Latitudes
  2. Episodes
  3. All in Time
  4. Parade of Geronimos
  5. Venom


Desperate songs about addiction, isolation, hope, murder, sex, and Mexico. In spite of the dark subject matter the songs are quite catchy, setting Billy's plaintive cries over a bed of wide-horizon rock and roll. Features Bryan Devendorf of The National on the EP's title track.


SALON.COM (Internet): The latest from the consistently excellent Brassland label is All in Time, the debut EP by Brooklyn, N.Y., band Pela. I get a really good feeling about this band - long on skills and passion, short on posturing, and with songs full of stealth hooks which...reveal their majesty on repeated listens.

OHMYROCKNESS.COM (Internet): This band...have all the makings for a sizable following - catchy power hooks, a singer who can actually sing, and well-written words of desperation...good enough to headline Bowery themselves very, very soon.

*SIXEYES (Internet): If Coldplay's Chris Martin lived on the street for a year, smoked a pack a day, and didn't have a knack for spewing forth the pap that radio programmers salivate for - he could sound and write like Billy Swanson. But now that Pela and Billy are here, that dream can die a happy death.

The band's debut recording, the EP All In Time, is a rich primer for what this band will deliver when they give us a full length. Pela is an addiction, one which upon first listen you don't realize you need, and then one you are sure to realize you crave.