January 31, 2011

You are next Europe (Brassland love in the NME)!

We told ya once, and darn tootin we'll tell you twice. Not only did NME pick the new Clogs record as one of the most underrated albums of 2011, but also our very own bundles of love Buke & Gass, with NME saying "they sound like nothing you've ever heard before." Check out this live version of Bundletuck they posted:

Be warned, Buke and Gass are comin' for ya Europe! Be sure to check out their artist page for the latest tour dates! If you're too lazy to clickity-click, they'll be there in February, including a bunch of dates in Holland curated by our generically named pals in The National.

Clogs will arrive in the UK in May to survey the damage that Buke and Gass have left in their wake.

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