September 4, 2012

This Is The Kit tours Germany (mostly)

Hey Europeans! Do you folks celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday in September like us? We couldn't figure it out even after extensive Googling of Wikpedia.

Anyway, apparently This is the Kit are celebrating the passing of American Labor Day by touring the heck out of Europe, mostly Germany. They'll will be traveling with fellow musicians Rozi Plain and Jamie Harrison, and we assume they'll be playing together & apart and a good time will be had by all.

Be sure to also note that This Is The Kit are not excluding their British friends. They play Bestival on the Isle of Wight, before the Germany dates kick off, as well as The National-curated All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead, U.K. this December (curated by The National). For more information, hop on over to the shows page.

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