January 1, 2004

The National Taking Over

Excuse us for being newsless the last month of 2003. We've had lots of news actually, but little time to post about it. Most notably, The National's Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers continues to collect accolades. Critics at The Chicago Tribune, UNCUT (UK), Liberation (France), LA Weekly and have all placed it on their "album of the year" lists. Magnet has called it a "hidden gem" of 2003. Bernard Lenoir at the radio station France Inter has put it at the top of his chart! The group recently completed a triumphant European tour, and already have some great opening slots lined up for the new year, including dates with Pernice Brothers, The Walkmen, and Elefant. We expect the buzz to grow as the band readies for SXSW in March. See the tour page for live dates.

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