July 18, 2010

The National on Colored Vinyl, $5 digital deal

The last few months have been exciting ones for The National, and we've been trying to match that excitement with plans for the back catalog. First off you can get their debut The National (s/t) right now as one of's $5.00 digital deals. It will be up there for the rest of July.

More exciting is that are new pressings of the band's Brassland back catalog on vinyl. Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers vinyl will be available in stores on July 20th; The National (s/t) will be available in stores in the first week or two of August. (Check with your local shop. They'll appreciate hearing from you!)

Alternatively, if you're an impatient sort or you want an extra-special pressing, you can get colored vinyl editions of both records right now through the Brassland store:

- THE NATIONAL (S/T) on blue-colored vinyl
- SAD SONGS FOR DIRTY LOVERS on white-colored vinyl

This marks the first time the debut album has been available on vinyl. And it is the largest pressing of Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers to date. Both records feature jackets on lovely uncoated paper stock and include digital download cards for an MP3 version of the release. Each record also includes one part of a triptych poster designed by the band's bassist, sometime guitarist & overall design guru Scott Devendorf band friend John Solimine of Spike Press.

Now, maybe you're wondering to yourselves, "I'm a little confused about the history of The National's Brassland releases on vinyl. Could you straighten me out on this?"

Well, yes, sure we can. We go that extra mile for you, the music fan and (hopefully) music-related product consumer.

1ST PRESS (2010): 3000 sleeves made, 500 packaged with blue-colored vinyl, 2000-2500 packaged with black vinyl

1ST PRESS (2003): 1000 Sleeves and posters were made, 500 were packaged with black vinyl LPs and sold almost exclusively in the United Kingdom

2ND PRESS (2010): 500 of the old posters and sleeves were found in a warehouse and packaged with newly pressed black vinyl and sold almost exclusively via our online store

3RD PRESS (2010): 3000 sleeves were made, 500 packaged with white vinyl and another 2500 are packaged with black vinyl

1ST PRESS (2004): 1000 copies pressed on 10" red vinyl in an edition licensed to our friends at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, OH with a slightly different looking sleeves than the CD edition.

2ND PRESS (2010): 3000 posters printed by Brassland. We're not 100% sure how these will be packaged yet -- though we have big ideas...

The new pressing on black vinyl is the first pressing available via normal distribution channels. Expect to find them in any local record store smart enough to order from our friends at the Alternative Distribution Alliance, and all the usual online shops like Insound, Other Music and Amazon.

As far as the new posters are concerned, we're eventually hoping to sell them independently via the website in case you already own some of the older editions of these records. Please note: though some folks will inevitably treat these re-presses as collectibles, our aim is not to make people purchase multiple copies of the same record. We're also going to try to keep these records in print in some form as long as there is sufficient demand.

Good day to you. And to our Northern Hemespheric brethren, keep cool the rest of the summer. Remember that vinyl melts.

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