October 20, 2008

The National Help Stir Obamamania, Tour Brazil

With November 4th rapidly approaching, there's been a lot of fuss lately regarding the Presidential election. And as patriotic Americans, The National have chosen to exercise their First Amendment rights by voicing their support for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. First came the t-shirts cleverly punning on the band's perennial encore, "Mr. November." Then came the use of "Fake Empire" for an Obama commercial. And last week, the guys simply rocked out, playing a "Vote Early, Rock Late" benefit in their hometown Cincinnati on October 16th. Backseat Sandbar was there to cover the event - there's a nice review, streaming videos, and some high-quality pictures. You can watch the fellas play "Mr. November" at the bottom of the post.

Having fulfilled their civic duties, the band will take off for Brazil later this week for a set of shows in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Vitoria. (Perhaps they're looking to get the hell out of New York before CMJ overruns the town?) They'll then head to Austin in order to play Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 8th. For specific dates, venue locations, and relevant links, please visit the shows page. And now for that video:

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