May 7, 2009

The National and Nico on Fallon

Other than the release of the Aaron & Bryce Dessner-curated Dark Was the Night compilation and the whole band's appearance at the DWtN benefit show at Radio City Music Hall, things have been rather quiet lately for The National. Sure, they've been preparing for their largely sold-out May tour and, sure, one might gather that the band is, theoretically, working on a new album. That we venture to guess such things, however, does not make these things true. It's so hard to know what goes on beyond closed doors and, more specifically, outside of the icy glare of the internet and its many news outlets.

One thing we can verify: The National did manage to pay Jimmy Fallon a visit for a performance of their DWtN contribution "So Far Around the Bend." Nico Muhly, who arranged the song, was there to play piano while 802 Tour participant Nadia Sirota played her violin and Alex Sopp, her flute. (Apologies to the dude on clarinet. We have no idea who you are.)

Watch the performance in the high-quality, widescreen Hulu embed below:

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