September 16, 2009

The 802 Show at Miller Theatre Reviewed by NY Times

Last week, The 802 Tour reconvened for a one-off performance at Columbia University's Miller Theatre. While we at Brassland certainly liked the show, another, more important source enjoyed it, too.

The New York Times voiced its appreciation of the show's "seamless flow" in its live review, mentioning Doveman in particular, whose "piano-driven ballads, including some from a forthcoming CD, The Conformist, had a shadowy, confessional intimacy that was accentuated by his tremulous, nearly whispered croon."

Nico Muhly was given a positive appraisal, as well, with the Times mentioning in particular his "appealing instrumental compositions [that] drew on Philip Glass's harmonic stasis and the rhythmic vitality of Stravinsky and Ligeti, mixed with a flair for electronic counterpoint that was all Mr. Muhly's own."

The encore, which featured a medley of three covers (one chosen by each artist), was another highlight, with Nico "[waxing] rhapsodic at the piano in Mariah Carey's 'My All.'" Thomas decided to go old school, giving a "limpid rendition of Neil Young's 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart.'" After double-checking to make sure "limpid" was a good thing (it is - it means means "completely clear" as opposed to "lacking structure," which is the definition for merely "limp"), we decided we were as happy with the review as with the show.

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