November 2, 2008

Sam Amidon Gives Word From Doveman UK Tour

As you might well know, Doveman is out and about on his very first tour of the United Kingdom. With the Manchester show now relegated to history, Britons have only Nottingham (11/2) and London (11/3) left to catch Thomas and the band in the flesh. (Visit the Shows page for venue information.) Despite the tour's brevity, however, there has still been ample time for chuckle-worthy memories to be made. The anecdote(s) for today are provided by Sam Amidon, Doveman collaborator and banjoist extraordinaire. So without further ado, Sam's thoughts from the former imperial power:

Doveman Tour, Manchester, UK (11/1)

we have arrived in Manchester. tonight doveman will play at the Cross Street Chapel. thomas just finished a couple of shows with Antony and the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican. sam arrived in London yesterday in time for their final show, but sam slept through the show, and missed it. sam then went to an austere movie called Hunger at 11:45 to help with his jet lag. the movie is highly recommended. sam might have had more fun hanging out with people after the show he missed, and saying things like "hey i heard the show went great!", but there is a special magnet in his brain that pulls him into movie theaters. he did go to the movies with some nice new friends though and they ate sweet & salty popcorn, which is not common in the united states. new friends are wonderful, old friends are wonderful. it was halloween. it's time to go listen to some more dramatic monologue on thomas' ipod. thomas has good taste in dramatic monologue.


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