August 21, 2008

Owen Pallett, Drew Daniel, and The Washington Post Discuss Mothertongue

Following Pitchfork Media's rather tepid review of Mothertongue, Nico Muhly received praise on an I Love Music discussion thread from, among others, Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy and Drew Daniel of Matmos.

Pallett initiated the thread, lauding Nico's "way of writing score-paper-music in a way that sounds completely improvised, with every sound imaginable colliding up against each other in accidentally beautiful and hideous ways." Daniel then called attention to the album, writing that "the details that the reviewer holds up as weak points (whale fat, buttered toast) actually sound like positives anyway...surely I'm not the only person who wants to know what whale fat sounds like as a musical instrument!" Indeed, Mr. Daniel, you're not. The Washington Post published a profile in anticipation of The 802 Tour's DC show, describing the album as "liberated...exuberantly weird."

In other news, Owen Pallett will perform with Nico (as well as Sam Amidon and Doveman) on August 27th when The 802 Tour stops through Toronto.

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