August 25, 2008

Nico Muhly "Takes Aim" at Atom Heart, Gets Interviewed by Gothamist and Reviewed in LA Weekly

To music journalists, Nico Muhly is many things - clever, engaging, smoking hot. One thing he hasn't been, however, is a warrior.

Until now. In a recent post on, Andy Whitman analyzes the "Breakfast Wars," writing that Nico has "thrown down the gauntlet, taking direct aim at [Pink Floyd's] Atom Heart Mother" in attempt to become "the undisputed champion of breakfast sound effects." Will Nico's butter scrapes top Floyd's bacon sizzles to conquer the breakfast sounds subgenre? Read for yourself to find out.

In more substantial news, Gothamist interviewed Nico about The 802 Tour, New Yorker music critics, and "only in New York" moments. The questions are different than the standard Q&A fare, making for a good, New York interview.

The 802 Tour is nearing its end, and the press has been good. LA Weekly was there for the August 19th show and posted a glowing review as well as some great pictures. If you happen to live in Montreal, Toronto, or Chicago, click here for a list of the remaining 802 Tour dates and venue locations.

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