August 5, 2008

Nico Dines With The Times, Receives More Blog Buzz, Postpones Other Music Show

Nico Muhly was recently profiled in The New York Times as part of the Sunday edition's regular feature "A Night Out With". So what did Nico do on his night out with the paper of record? He ate duck spaetzle with friends while discussing MSG, intransitive verbs, and what foods are acceptable to eat from other tables' plates. (French fries are o.k.)

Meanwhile, press surrounding Mothertongue continues to come in. Mp3 blog Dublab posted an exclusive edit of "Mothertongue" while plugging Nico's upcoming 802 Tour with Doveman and Sam Amidon. Paper Magazine wrote a kind review, describing Nico as an "impressive innovator" and the album as "a stunning meditation on the anxiety of the human experience." We enjoyed the meditation on the anxiety of the human experience, too.

In other news, Nico's previously announced in-store performance at Other Music has been temporarily postponed due to scheduling conflicts. A rescheduled date, most likely in September, is in the works. We'll keep you posted with the details as soon as they're known.

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