March 29, 2002

News on the Development of The National

"The National are recording 26 new songs about 2 things, men and women," reports the band's vocalist Matt Berninger, "Some of these new songs are very loud." Many of these songs will end up on the second album for the Brooklyn-based band, to be released on Brassland this fall. Or this winter. (Depends...)

The sessions for the record are notable in that they're taking place in the penthouse of the Puck Building, a very hoity-toity piece of New York real estate, poised between lofts owned by David Bowie and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Helming the sessions is Nick Lloyd, producer of their first record. He is co-producing the album with Paul Heck, a long time producer for the Red Hot Organization, former A&R guy for Arista and Warner Brothers, and compilation producer for Luaka Bop's acclaimed 2001 Shuggie Otis reissue. Paul is acting as a kind of spiritual and sonic advisor (i.e. choosing brands of incense, beer, and ProTools post-production effects).

Meanwhile the band has announced a handful of new tour dates including their first appearance in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and their first dates with new friends Clem Snide and Dan Bern. (Reports that the National is "going steady" with either artist are highly speculative.) [LINK TO COME]Click here for details.

When pressed for further details on the record, Matt added: "These are some of the songs that are becoming White Noise, which is what we're calling the record for the time being, nothing is for certain. White Noise isn't really a collection of new songs, well yes it is but it's also one thing with a bunch of parts and changes. I guess that's what every good record is essentially. Anyway, the patterns and redundancy of some of the titles is not a coincidence. I don't think its a concept record but I'm not really sure what one of those is. It might technically be one but I can say with confidence that we have no concept to present. The songs are just very aware of each other. Many of them will be edited off the record and destroyed in a violent ceremony. The survivors will probably change their names. Like I said, nothing is for certain."

Recently Matt's been saying they'll be calling the album Cardinal Song. And I quote, "Boys, never show your colors. She'll always leave the cardinal for the crow." Prospective tracks include:

* All The Wine
* White Wine in a Jetsetter
* White Skirt
* White Morning
* The Nicest White Man
* Big Man
* Brilliant Man
* The You Estates
* Lucky You
* Thats All You Are
* I Am Already
* Thirsty I
* Thirsty II (Girly Arms)
* Slipping Husband
* Trophy Wife
* Sugar Wife
* Patterns
* Pretty Forever
* Maria's Last Hour
* Never Happened
* No Professionals
* 90 Mile Waterwall
* Taking Your Name
* Important

For a he-larious recent review of the National (and Matt) in the Portland Mercury click here. For constant news updates check out, The National's official website.

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