September 19, 2003

New Record by The National, Buzz Building

The National's new album, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers was released but a few weeks ago and is slowly but surely making it onto record store shelves. We've heard some impressive reports, like the one San Francisco shop that breezed through three dozen copies in a single week.

Tomorrow the band complete their first US tour in support of Sad Songs with a homecoming gig at Brooklyn's Luxx. The tour was quite successful with especially notable shows to be had in Chicago and cities beginning with the letter "C" located in their home state of Ohio (thank you Cinci, Columbus, and Cleveland). To quote one source "Everyone who saw the band freaked the fuck out." Most nights ended with half the crowd clamoring to the merch table so they could bring some of The Nationals home with them. (The National's records, that is.)

We expect press on the album to start showing up in October, but some publications have already started celebrating. Alternative Press writes, "Alt-country meets Nick Drake. It's the stuff underground legends are made of: a Brooklyn alt-country band so smart, so ambitious and so bent on tragedy, they're impossible to enjoy -- and even harder to ignore." Magnet says "Matt Berninger, the Brooklyn-based, Cincinnati-bred singer of the National, has a voice as cruel as it is kind." Jump on the bandwagon now, awlright?

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