February 14, 2003

New Blood

Happiness and joy! Happiness and joy! Two new musicians have just been inked/signed/assented to let our brandname appear on their new records. Those artists are cellist/composer/improviser Erik Friedlander and Baby Dayliner, who does a new wave kind of thing and is a true 21st century entertainer. We are very excited about this. Suffice it to say that the records are a nice departure from our inital offerings and from one another. (Baby Dayliner is upbeat and joyous and pop. Erik is an intense, mystical classical/jazz amalgam.) We don't have anything else to tell you right now, but soon, soon...

For now you can read a bit about [LINK TO COME] Baby Dayliner and [LINK TO COME] Erik right here on this site. Happy Valentine's Day people. Promise us you'll duct tape shut your windows and not do anything infectious.

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