June 30, 2008

Mothertongue Given Four Stars In London's Sunday Times

As the American release of Mothertongue approaches, good press surrounding Nico Muhly begins to pour in from overseas. London's Sunday Times recently named Mothertongue its "Pop CD of the Week," stating that the album is "never less than fascinating." We certainly agree - otherwise, we wouldn't put it out.

Other UK media outlets have also been paying attention. For the intellectual Brassland consumer, Q printed that Nico's music is "warm as it is highbrow." The Independent compared Muhly to Steve Reich, writing that listening to Mothertongue is "like listening to a spider's web being spun, a weightless, gossamer series of overlapping threads." Uncut, in another four-star review, referenced Philip Glass and Björk while describing Muhly's "thrillingly operatic" compositions. Good news, certainly.

Already available on iTunes, Mothertongue will receive its physical US release on July 22. To see when and where you can watch Nico perform live over the upcoming months, check the shows page.

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