July 10, 2013

Jherek Bischoff releases a video featuring David Byrne

Earlier this week, Pitchfork premiered Jherek Bischoff's new video. The song in question is “Eyes.” Remember it? It serves as the dynamic opening song on his 2012 album Composed and features the vocals and iconically strange lyrics of legendary pop innovator David Byrne, or DB as we like to call him. (Mostly because we feel awkward writing his name in full when we email various associates of his. It totes turns us into geeky fan boys and girls, and brings to mind that time we received an email from Caetano Veloso and were like "-----, whoa!" right before our minds exploded.)

Anyhoo, DB appears in the video alongside Bischoff amid trippy, blinking cuts of stringed instruments. So without further adieu or reference to other sexier URLs, take a look at a video called “Eyes” of eyes with your own eyes -- and if that sentence and this news blurb aren't the most meta things to get loaded onto your web browser or smart phone today, well, then you’ve got us beat, and may we recommend some sincere romantic poetry as a kind of anecdote to all the self-consciousness and ironic humor that you are obviously bombarding yourself with.

Ahem... Credit must be paid! The video was directed and edited by Georgia and Jordan Kinley. DPs Tyler Kohlhoff and Brendan Burdzinski and producer Gelya Robb were major too.

Since its Pitchfork debut, “Eyes” has been thrown (dispersed?) to the proverbial winds of the internet, cropping up everywhere from Spin to WNYC's Soundcheck to The Stranger and beyond. Maybe it’s Bischoff’s fidgety close-ups or Byrne’s mesmerizing white hair, but there’s something about this video that’s catching eyes (pun completely intended and officially ground into the dirt). It also doesn’t hurt that “Eyes” is the kind of track that gets you on your feet and dancing with the nearest person or inanimate object. In fact, Bischoff’s arrangements are so lovely you may just find yourself twirling with a floor lamp. Don't look to close, it might hurt your...


But there’s more! Here's a sampling of behind-the-scenes photos to give you a feel for how the "Eyes" video came together.

You can see more of these on Bischoff's blog. Go check them out, and be sure to keep your **** peeled for more JB news in the future...

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