June 15, 2011

Hello Guardian readers & a jolly good day to "England"

Let's cut to the chase: here's some FREE MUSIC. That's what you want, right? Well, click away to enjoy a compilation representing 10-years of good music making (via Bandcamp).

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To cut to the chase for a second time: If you're reading this today there's a good chance you came to us via this most excellent profile about the label's 10th anniversary in London's Guardian newspaper. It's been a big-in-England kind of year for the label & our artists. High Violet, The National's third record for Britain's own Beggars Banquet label, won the Q Award for album of the year. Mumford & Sons -- either the UK's most beloved export or most hated natives depending who you ask -- just-released a cover version of a song from that album, and it's actually called "England." And to cap it all off comes this superfine article by our journo-pal Ms. Laura Snapes.

England, let's talk for a second: You use big words we don't understand. Your climate is weird. At one point you even ruled over our country with an iron fist. But, you know what England? We love you anyway.

Enough of our yadda yadda, for now. Instead may we recommend you dig into our back catalog, ahem, *catalogue* with the above sampler. All we ask for in return is your email address.

Thanks & ta'.

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