December 13, 2002

European Report

We just got back from Europe, where we accompanied the National on the first leg of their ongoing European tour. Great successes were had in disparate locations like a basement club in the Notting Hill district of London; a smoky and intimate red-curtained club in Halle, East Germany; and a venue in Paris, France called Le Guingette Pirate -- essentially a pirate ship docked on the Siene River. (After the gig, The National stayed up to participate in a dance party that lasted well into the night.) Two days later, they played a well-attended, last minute Paris gig opening for Low.

We've also heard our first reports from an enthusiastic European press. Kerrang! says of The National, "Reminscent of Joy Division and Nick Cave... Sad, affecting, and drunkenly formed, The National's debut is the stuff underground legends are made of." They were also the subject of a glowing feature in the Paris paper Liberation.

We expect the buzz on Clogs to start in earnest when they tour there in March but already Careless Talk Costs Lives has said, "Great band names of our time: what d'ya call yr contemporary classical outfit with pretensions to be Satie, Stravinsky, Sigur Ros and a more approachable Godspeed? Clogs. Sweet."

The National return to the US just in time for Xmas. I hope you can join us for their welcome home gig January 4th at NYC's Mercury Lounge. See our [LINK TO COME] tour page for details.

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