December 10, 2008

Doveman Tours the UK in January

Having finished a short, successful string of shows in England this past November, Doveman will again cross the Atlantic in January for an extended tour of the United Kingdom. The tour - sponsored by the UK Arts Council - will begin in Cheltenham on January 21st and span the island, making it as far north as Glasgow. It will feature both David Thomas Broughton and Doveman cohort Sam Amidon.

Similar to this summer's 802 Tour, each show will be played in a spirit of collaboration with the three guys swapping instruments and interweaving and interrupting each other's performances to create "a continuous flow of instrumentation." For more details on the tour, you can visit the site of UK promoter Localism. They had this to say about Doveman's London show in November:

"Doveman (aka Thomas Bartlett) has played London as a pianist for Antony (and the Johnsons), Martha Wainwright, and Bebel Gilberto. Tonight he's at east London's new art music space Cafe Oto. Fans watch agog as the band (tonight featuring Jamie Morisson, Sam Amidon, Beth Orton, and Nico Muhly) works its way through a magical set of seemingly half-improvised versions of Doveman's sparse, beautiful music. 'Fun' is not the word I thought I'd come away with, but fun is what it was, for us and for the band. When Bartlett announces the last song, a request for 'Acrobat' comes from the front. The band duly obliges with a song it has never played together. As for Thomas, it's been a few years, such that he forgets the words, asks Muhly to snap open a CD from the merch table, and hold the CD booklet in front of him by candlelight so he can finish the song."

Intimate, right? For a full list of dates and venues, please visit the Shows page.

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