July 17, 2006

Devastations: US Debut in October

Earlier this year, Brassland announced imminent plans to release the debut album by Australia's Devastations, the southern hemisphere's premier purveyors of a new genre we like to call "tropical goth."

Well, someone fucked up the scheduling. (We blame our sole employee, Glenn.) As it turns out, Brassland will first release their sophomore album, Coal. It will come out in October.

Thankfully this album is a doozy, recently shortlisted for the inaugural Australian Music Prize (aka AMP). AMP is sort of like the UK's Mercury Prize, or America's Plug Awards -- only on a different continent. The Devs' final competition for the prize included illustrious company: The Drones, Wolfmother, Ben Lee, and the Go-Betweens.

Devastations self-titled debut will be released on the Brassland label in early 2007.

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