September 19, 2004

Clogs Touring the US

Clogs are in the midst of the US leg of their world tour. It's already found them playing the sales floor of the world's largest record store (Amoeba Hollywood), a warehouse (PICA's T:BA festival in Portland), and a movie theater (providing live score to silent films in Seattle). They play clubs sometimes, too. These days they are mixing repertoire from their three albums, as well as debuting new material including crowd favorite "Lantern," or "Candle," or "Lighthouse." (They haven't settled on a name yet.) The excitement continues throughout the fall. Right now, the final American date is a CMJ blowout at the Knitting Factory on Wednesday, October 13th featuring sax player Peter Brotzmann, drummer Guillermo Brown (of the David S. Ware Quartet), and labelmate/cellist Erik Friedlander. It's going to be like Ozzfest for the jazz/classical set.

The good word about Clogs' Stick Music is starting to spread. Other Music say the "ensemble deconstructs various classical and world musics to their most primal essence, stirring sounds and traditions together until it's almost unrecognizable in form." Salon notes, "I just wish there were more people making music like this, drawing on modern classical, folk and experimental rock, without venturing into crass 'crossover' territory...or being overly precious." And All About Jazz says "the fact is that Clogs has developed a personal vernacular, a discrete concept that differentiates it and makes using other artists as reference points meaningless. Clogs is, quite simply, a group like no other." Listen for yourself here.

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