March 4, 2005

Clogs' Stick Music Continues to Rack Up Acclaim

Much to our surprise and satisfaction, word on Clogs' Stick Music does not stop. Earlier this week both and joined the chorus of acclaim from the New York Times, Mojo, the Guardian UK, etc. Dusted said: "This is music that breathes a solitary chill into bone, barely supported by its elegant dissonance and spider-web silk textures." Pitchfork rated it an 8.6 explaining, "When trying to describe Clogs' music to other folks, it might be better to forgo any genre distinctions and head straight for the thesaurus so you can find fresh and exciting ways to say 'sublime.'" Thank you to the interweb for your support!

If that wasn't enough perhaps you've heard of Tuning Fork, the review site that reviews Pitchfork's reviewers. They weighed in on reviewer David Raposa's review saying, "Thank good Mr. Raposa has taken the time to school us in these important musical puzzles - for if he had not, we may have never truly grasped why Clogs:Stick Music is so important to the survival of not only our country, but Europe as well." We think this is what they call sarcasm, but mostly we're just confused. For a moment we considered starting a blog, but decided to send off a smoke signal instead. Look up in the sky for our latest dispatch...

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