April 22, 2011

Clogs play London, Bryce Dessner interviewed by Barbican

Yo London! What's up? We're sometimes jealous of your fine city. You get this; we get this. Basically, your royalty wears funny, interesting hats; our royalty has terrible hairpieces.

It doesn't seem fair.

Anyhoo, sometimes your city gets jealous of our city too, and a perfect example of that is the first weekend of May when the Barbican is inviting over a ton of New Yorkers to celebrate awesome New York composer Steve Reich. That celebration includes two performances by Brassland's own Clogs. And it also includes this great interview with a bunch of America's new & composed music types. In particular we'd like to point you toward the contribution by our co-founder Bryce Dessner. Check it:

May 2011 (Steve Reich, Kronos Quartet, Bryce Dessner, Owen Pallett, Tyondai Braxton & more) by Barbican Music

Buy your tickets now. It's going to be a jolly good show!

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